Lake COMO 30.04/01.05

Villa Cipressi


We welcome you to our exclusive event. Wedding workshop for photographers and videographers where two beautiful couples will be our subjects.


The event will be held in the famous Villa Cipressi, the pearl of Lake Como.

You will be able to enjoy an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, breathtaking views and unique places. Its historical charm, coupled with its lush botanical garden and panoramic views of the lake, make it an ideal location for a romantic wedding. 

Lake Como is famous for its stunning natural beauty and peaceful ambiance. The tranquil lake waters, encircled by grand mountains and speckled with charming villages, create a captivating backdrop for any occasion.

Day 1 - Villa Cipressi

First Couple & Style

▪️On the first day, 30.04, professional models and professional actors will work for you.
We will implement 2 pairs and 2 different stylistic concepts in one day!
▪️We will effectively use different areas and your content will be as interesting and different as possible

▪️We pay attention to small details in the frame. Conceptual printing and stylistics were developed in detail

▪️Professional make-up artists and a well-known wedding dress salon are invited

▪️10 areas for shooting


Second Couple & Style

Day 2 -Villa Melzi

Day 2

▪️ We offer filming of a walk in the incredible park of Villa Melzi

▪️ We are preparing a third pair and a third image for you

▪️ We work according to timing in small groups

Write in direct and we will tell you all the details


The full TWO days workshop price is 1.750€. Deposit of 500€ is needed to reserve a place.

You can also book for just one day.

Please note that we have a limited number of participants, so make sure to register early to secure your place.

Day 1
PRICE: 1.500 €


Complete imitation of a real Wedding Day

2 Professional models couple 

 Stylish looks 

Floristic and decoration 

Table setting & Ceremony

Transfer 30.04 Lake Como - Hotel

Night at the hotel (30.04-1.05)

30.04 • Lunch + dinner

Day 2
PRICE: 500 €


Photoshoot on the park of Villa Melzi.

Professional model couple 

 Stylish looks

1.05 • Breakfast + lunch

Register now and participate in our special event!